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Eco-Friendly Commercial Solar Options in Southern California

solar panels on large building roof

Need to Cut Costs?

Monthly utility bills are probably a large portion of your business’s monthly budget. If you’d like to cut down that bill, solar panels are the best way to do it. A smaller monthly bill paired with Federal tax credits will save your business a significant amount of money in upcoming years.

Starting a Green Initiative?

There are many things your company can do to go green, but transitioning to solar energy is the most efficient way to make a difference. Because solar panels use the sun’s energy, the power is clean and renewable, all while having little to no impact on the environment.

solar panels with skyline in background

Why Choose Our Team?

The team at Tekton Power and Technology will take care of you throughout the solar installation project. Some solar companies will ask you to sign a power purchase agreement, which increases each year and will eventually cost you more money than you’re paying now. To protect your best interests, we never use power purchase agreements.

We Never Use Power Purchase Agreements

Transitioning To Solar?