Low-Maintenance Power

Solar Panels in Southern California

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Why Choose Solar Power?

Do you experience untimely blackouts and high cost of combating the heat of living in sunny California. Why don’t you take advantage of prevalent solar energy of sunny California by going solar?

  • They provide cheap, clean, and renewable energy.
  • The maintenance costs for P.V. panels are relatively low compared to other energy sources.
  • Photovoltaic systems are quiet, thus reducing the effect of environmental noise.
  • Solar energy can be harnessed locally, thus reducing environmental disruptions associated with transportation.
  • Solar power reduces the electricity bill as it costs you only a fraction of what you pay to the utility companies monthly.
  • Solar power plants have fewer safety risks compared to fossil and coal plants.

Do you Save Money by Going Solar?

Definitely yeah. In the majority of the cases, the solar option is cheaper than the grid supply. Depending on the grid entirely hooks you to an eternal monthly power bill. Should you go solar, you only incur a high capital cost, which breaks even in a few years. After that, your only charges will be taxation, maintenance, and repairs, all of which are far much less than the utility bill.

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What are the Available Solar Incentives or Tax Credits?

Going solar? The Federal Tax Credit got your back. This is definitely the most significant incentive giving you 26% off your total project cost after filing with the IRS. There are other state credits across the States, depending on the state regulations. Check with your local authorities on what incentives you might enjoy for going solar.

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Solar Power Basics

The energy generated from the sun is what is captured in the form of thermal or electric power. The latter captures the sun’s energy via flat plate collectors used in solar heating, which converts them to thermal energy. With electric energy, the sun radiations are captured through photovoltaic cells and directly converted into electricity.

What Are Solar Panels?

A solar panel is a device that is designed to absorb energy from the sun rays to generate electricity. The electricity they produce is referred to as solar energy. Solar panels are the solution to saving a couple of bucks from your electricity bill.

We’ll Help You Take Advantage of the Abundant Sun in California